As a goal oriented person, I thrive when I have a destination in mind.

In business, we all spend lots of time creating and aligning on goals. I don’t find many people who put even 10% of the same rigor into their personal goals.

I do.

I’ll share with you…

This week, Adobe announced that they are acquiring Magento. This is the third time Magento has been acquired in the past 6 years; what was once the most premier ecommerce platform available has likely found it’s last foster home.

Magento is known for its flexibility. If you have a unique…

WARNING: this post is a total humble brag.

My wife and I both lost our jobs in the span of 9 months in the midst of having our first baby. It’s been challenging and has forced us to really consider what matters to us. It’s funny — adversity is constraint…

In all businesses, there are a number of teams that have to work perfectly together in order for a business to really humm. To me, it looks a bit like this:

The MVP of a successful company


This is the supply side of the business. Their job is create functioning products that people love. It all…

Jake Cohen

Obsessed with building and marketing products that make people happy.

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